Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Story of Travis and Laura

Dating story from Laura: Travis and I met in 2007 when we did Elevate together- a DTS at our church. The first memory that I have of Travis was a group of us both going to a local production of Pride & Prejudice. That's my favorite book, and I was super excited about the play. He didn't know anything about Jane Austen stories and he thought it was really boring. I guess he wanted more action and less proper English. We hung out throughout the year of Elevate and were friends.
In 2008, I moved overseas and in 2009 he moved overseas. We both supported each other and were excited for the adventure each of us had ahead of us. We both loved our time in those countries.
In 2010, I moved back to America and was living with my best friend, Amanda Espinosa. Travis came back home from Cambodia for Tony and Paige Marinos' wedding. He hung out a lot at the Espinosa's, where I was living. In that time we had some extra long conversations, cups of coffee at 6am (he doesn't even drink coffee), playing very extreme games like Extreme Uno (when I discovered the ONE thing that makes Travis gag), and we also began to like each other.
Travis went back to Cambodia for a time, and came back in February 2011. About a week or two later, he asked me to have breakfast with him. And I said yes, for the first time. The first yes of many. We continued to date and spend time together. I began to see how much I really liked Travis.

Engagement Story from Travis: I knew I wanted to marry Laura and I told her this on the Fourth of July. We had a few weeks of talking about our wedding and even planning our wedding before we were formally engaged. We called this period of our relationship the "engaged to be engaged" period. I would often call her my "pre'ance" instead of my fiance.
On August 1st, Laura, our small group and myself took a 3 day get away at the beach. It was there that I took her on a spontaneous breakfast picnic along the shore. At the picnic, I showed her a collage drawing that I sketched depicting our relationship's history. Immediately after this I "rushed" her into walking back with me. At the time she felt as if I was ruining the mood by brisking her along so quickly. Little did she know what question was soon to be popped.
On the half mile walk back to the condo together we found 5 sea shells that I left for her to discover. After collecting the seashells, I continued a 7 minute long encouragement, in which she was wondering "is he going to go all the way with this?" Finally I led her to a message written really big in the sand saying "Will you marry me?". I got on one knee, and I asked her "Will you marry me?". Then she said "yes" and wrote yes in the sand. Our friends were there watching the proposal and were cheering as she agreed to be my wife.

SAVE THE DATE!!! October 23rd!

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